Sunday, March 24, 2019

Happy New Week!

Hi there!

I hope you had a great weekend! What beautiful weather! Spring is in the air for sure.

With spring melting the snow, the garbage on our campus is starting to show. We took about 20 minutes on Friday to do a clean up on our playgrounds. Kids collected so much trash. I love when they take pride in Ponderosa! I rewarded them with a bag of popcorn each!

We were able to watch our Dolphin Tale movie on Friday. However, we had to stop it so we could have art class. Therefore, we have about 40 minutes left. Kids are welcome to bring in another individual snack and a drink with a lid. Ask your kiddo what their favorite part of the movie has been so far. Mine was the pelican by far. Such an awesome bird! If your kiddo can tell you something about it, write DOLPHIN in the planner.

We were not able to squeeze our spelling test in on Friday. Kids will take it tomorrow and then get their new words.

Thursday is our states and capital's test. We studied it again, and kids still need some work. Hopefully they were able to study this weekend.

Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Grewell

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Study Those Maps Kids!

Hi there!

Kids are allowed to bring a drink with at lid and a small, individual snack. They may also bring a dollar and buy a bag of popcorn instead of snack.

Today in G.M. Meeting we talked about a man that we all know and love. He was bullied as a small child for being part German. He also won an award but Teddy Roosevelt didn't bring enough medals to the ceremony, so he was made fun of for not really getting it. He never got over this, and had extreme stage fright all his life. He chose to deal with this by writing it down in books. Ask your kiddo who this man was. Write his name in the planner for bonus cash tomorrow.

We played a states and capital game today. It did NOT go well. We couldn't even play because so many people didn't study. At least they admitted it when I asked who studied. Only one person rose their hand. So, we stopped and studied and then played again. It went ok the second time, but I can tell they don't know them. Ask your kiddo what the capital of the following states are...

North Dakota-Bismark
Nebraska- Lincoln
Iowa-Des Moines

These are only half of our new states. Please remind them to study, even if you aren't available to help them. I sent home a map with everyone. Test is next Thursday.

Gentle reminder to bring music stuff and library books.

Have a great night!
Mrs. Grewell

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Map Answer Keys Sent Home Today!!


It was a pretty normal day in the 5th grade. After our crazy week of fun activities last week, this week seems so boring. :0)

We did begin our new unit in S.S. We are heading towards the Revolutionary War. We will talk about the tensions and the acts that led us to the actual war. This will include the famous Boston Tea Party! I love this part of S.S. and so do the kids! We will continue to see the Native sides of things throughout this time period as well.

Please note the date for your records: On May 16th, we will be going to Pompeys Pillar. We will hit our Lewis and Clark unit at the same time. Perfecto! More information to come later on this. Just wanted you to save the date.

This Friday we will watch the movie, Dolphin Tale. We read the story this week in class. Kids are welcome to bring an individual treat and drink with a lid if they want to.

Today we also read about Walt Disney. If your kiddo can tell you his middle name or the month that he both was born and died in, write either answer in the planner for bonus cash tomorrow. Get them both...double the bonus!

I sent home practice maps today with an answer key for you!!! Sorry the print is so light. I didn't want to waste paper by copying again. From what I saw, you could still read the words. Please help quiz your kiddo by having them sit beside you. Give them a number. Have them tell you what state it is and the matching capital. This would be the perfect thing to do at the dinner table! We are VERY close to learning all 50! Test next Thursday, the 28th.

I also sent home a pink slip that kids can take this weekend to the address listed. With the coupon, they can pick out a pair of new shoes for free. This company does this every year for Ponderosa kids. Amazing!! It is this Saturday only from 8 am to 11 am. Free shoes...oh ya!

Lastly, kids may bring a dollar tomorrow and/or Friday to buy a bag of popcorn. The entire building smells like popcorn right now!! What a fun treat and a great way to support our school!

Have a fantastic night!
Mrs. Grewell

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Look Around! Who Needs a Smile?


Some kiddos came home with some spelling or reading homework to finish up. I reminded them twice to also bring home the book that they will need to finish it up.

The following kiddos have yet to turn in a leprechaun trap: Jesiah, Kylan, Sariah, Jose, and Chandler. At this point, they best they can get is a B. Thursday or Friday will be a C at best (unless they have been absent since last Friday). After Friday it will be a 0, which destroys a science grade faster than anything else.

Today during GM Meeting Rusty talked to us about being aware of our environment. We need to watch out for one another. If we see someone eating alone, we need to go join that person. If we see someone playing alone, we need to include them. We need to smile at someone in the hall that looks like they are having a bad day. A simple smile can save a life. Kids really got into this talk and had some great examples. When my son Beau was here on Friday, he told the kids how he never looks for his friends in the lunchroom. He always finds the kid that needs a friend. He told us that sometimes that kid is the most annoying kid he has ever met, but that it is his job to make his day better. I think that is really good advise. Find the friendless, and become the friend they need for the day. Ask your kiddo if they looked around today. Did they see someone that needed a smile or a friend? If not, ask them what they are going to do tomorrow in order to be aware of their environment. If you have this talk then you are an AWESOME parent!! Write AWESOME in the planner if you do.

We created our practice maps for our third section of the United States. We now know over 30! I am copying the maps tonight and will send a practice map home with answer key tomorrow. Please help your kiddo learn their state locations and capitals. The test will be not this Thursday, but next. There are only 12 that are new to them. However, if they haven't learned the previous ones, then they have more work to do. Study hard kids!

We also wrote our spelling words in the planner and talked about how to break them into parts to help spell them easier. We also talked about what the greek and latin roots meant.

Have a great night!
Mrs. Grewell

Monday, March 18, 2019

Monday Fun day!

Hi there.

Today, all 5th graders had an Amazing Shake competition challenge. They had to sit for 30 seconds and hold a conversation with a teacher. They then switched to the next teacher. They didn't know what we were looking for, except that it was the things we have learned about in our House Meetings. It went great. Kids will know soon if they made it to the next round. Fun!

Congratulations to Halle! She is our newest Multiplication Ninja!! Way to go girl!

Have a great night!
Mrs. Grewell
Code Word: SHAKE

Sunday, March 17, 2019

A New Week Full of New Lessons!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you had a wonderful day that was 100% free of leprechaun's tricks!

Friday was such a fun day for us. The kids did a great job with their leprechaun traps. It was so fun to see how they were all so different. Creative Kids! I look forward to seeing the ones that come in on Monday if they were absent on Friday. And...I hope we are all healthy once again!

We also got to have our Lucky Charms War with our catapults we built in Science class. The kids thought is was pretty fun to be able to fling charms at their teacher! However, she got a few good shots in as well!

My son Beau was also able to spend the day with us. I have been wanting him to come in and share the "middle school" experience. He answered any and all questions they had, and they had some good ones! He also showed off his mad rubiks cube and yoyo skills. It was good for the kids to hear that it has taken him over 3 years to master his yoyo tricks. When asked how he did it, the answer was simple for Beau...practice and youtube! It is amazing what kids can do when they persevere!

This week we will move on in Science to study friction. We will also move on in math to dividing fractions and then to converting measurements. In Language arts, we will read plays this week along with a story about a pretty special dolphin. Social Studies will move us from one colony to the beginning of the tensions that brought upon the Revolutionary War. We will also prepare our study maps for our new set of states and capitals. The test will be not this Thursday, but the following one. Lastly, our spelling words will all contain either a Latin or Greek root in them.

Here is the list:

inspect, erupt, predict, porter, report, deport, interrupt, dictator, transport, dictionary, telephone, microscope, biology, paragraph, telegraph, megaphone, calligraphy, xylophone, homophone, and homograph.

Have a great night!
Mrs. Grewell
Code Word: GREEN

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Detective, Bball, PIstachio Kind of Day!

Hey there.

What an absolute FUN field trip!!!! The kids had a GREAT time! All three teachers present couldn't believe the manners shown by Ponderosa. Not one single issue! Other schools around us were up, down, and all around. Not ours. In their seats yelling Defense (clap, clap), Defense (clap, clap)! Ponderosa Pride once again!

We didn't have much time for Leprechaun fun today, but we snuck in two activities. This morning we had the mystery of the missing pot of gold. Kids had to complete math problems in order to read the clue. We know it is not in a building that has curves and that the building it is in doesn't have medicine. They are close to solving the mystery! We will continue solving tomorrow!

We also ended the day with some sand sent to me from Ireland. Rumor has it that if you put milk on the sand it turns green and you can see hidden gold nuggets. Well, as you can see....the sneaky leprechauns were telling the truth! CRAZY!!! Ask your kiddo to explain this to you. If they can tell you the "truth" behind the rumor, write PISTACHIO PUDDING in the planner for bonus cash tomorrow. Mrs. Grewell is also one sneaky leprechaun!!!!

Leprechaun traps are due tomorrow. They need at least one simple machine and need to be done with a St. Patrick's Day theme.

Spelling test is also tomorrow. Study one last time. I taught them how to chunk each word to help learn to spell it.

Have a great night!