Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tis the Season for Concerts!


PEAK game tonight so this will be short, sweet, and to the point.

The music concert was awesome! Way to go 5th grade general music student~

Band and Orchestra will have their turn this Friday at 10:30 in the gym.

Have a great night!
Code Word: MUSIC!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Just One Smile!

Hi there.

It was a busy day that consisted of adding mixed numbers, PE, using latitude and longitude like the explorers did with their astrolabes, reading our library books, having lunch, editing our Rudolf stories, reading about Christmas in Australia, reading chapter ten in our Warriors book, practicing our spelling words, learning verb tenses, trying to predict what plants eat, passing out chocolate, and filling out planners! Wow...that is a lot in one day!

We also did one more thing. We watched Rusty in our G.M Meeting today and he was talking about how to be a caring citizen in the world we live in. We then read a story that Rusty gave me for Christmas a few years ago called, Each Kindness. It is about a little girl that is very poor and has family issues at home. She comes to a new school and a group of girls ignore her, make fun of her, and call her Never New because she wears hand me downs. Then the teacher does a lesson on being kind and one of the girls, Chloe, discovers that she has nothing to share when her teacher asks her to tell an act of kindness she has done. She decides to start being nice to poor Maya. However, Maya never comes back to school. Chloe never gets the chance to say she is sorry or to return the smile Maya gave her everyday. This was a powerful book. Many kids were tearing up and some shared times in their lives that they said something or didn't say something to someone they loved and then never got the chance to. My heart ached for them. We talked about how even if we are upset with someone, especially moms and dads, we should never leave the house without saying we love them. One just never knows if they will get that chance later. We also talked about how our body language says a lot to people. In the book, the mean little girl moved her chair and all of her stuff all the way over on her desk so she didn't have to be near her. We talked about how this probably made little Maya feel. I also asked the class what Maya had done to deserve this treatment. The class easily pointed out that she had done nothing but be nice to them. We ended the discussion by talking about suicide, and how kids do go home and take their lives because no one is nice to them and their life is so unbelievably horrible at home. It is real, and every choice them make affects other people's lives as well. I know this hit home!

Please take time tonight to go over this again with your kiddo. A smile. A simple smile. Some kids just need someone, anyone to just smile at them each day. It doesn't mean they have to be best friends. It just takes one smile to save someone's life. I ask one more favor of you tonight. HUG your child and tell them that you love them so much and that they are beyond precious to you and this world. If you talk about this and you hug your kid tonight, please write HUG/TALK in the planner so I can celebrate with you and give your kiddo bonus cash tomorrow!

Have a fantastic night!
Mrs. Grewell

Sunday, December 9, 2018

A Musical Week!

Hello there!

Friday folders came home. Please empty, sign, and have your kiddo return them tomorrow.

This Tuesday is the general music program for grades k-5. Ms. Waddell never disappoints with this show! If your kiddo is in general music, the program starts at 9:15. Come early, as it is always packed!

This Friday is the band and orchestra concert. It starts at 10:30 in the gym. This Tuesday will be the last time for kids to practice for the concert with Mr. McKinney and Mr. Pesky, so bringing instruments, books, and stands will be of the upmost importance this week.

This week, we will also be starting and finishing two Christmas Projects. First, we will begin to study different December holidays around the world. Kids will read about them, do some map skills, and find each country we visit on a world map.

We will finish up our Rudolf narrative stories. Kids had to pick a new nose color for Rudolf. Then, they had to tell the story of how his nose turned that color. We will be taking these through the entire editing process, and then they will turn in final draft to me via email. Last time we wrote Narratives, I helped them edit. This time, they will be using tools in the google program to help them.

Last week, we took a look into food webs in Science by playing a pretty fun game. The kids had to draw cards and then try to connect to their food webs by asking two questions. Ask your kiddo what those two questions were. If they can tell you write WEB in the planner. They should say, What does the animal eat and what eats the animal. They could also steal from other players if a card was not able to be played by that student. If they could make a chain with four or more animals/plants, they earned bonus points. We will move onto mystery number two in this unit this week.

We have two more ninjas in the house! Annabell and Sariah both mastered their last multiplication facts on Friday! We are getting closer to 100%! Keep studying at home. Way to go girls!!!

Not this coming Friday, but the following Friday (the 21st), 5th grade will be having Polar Express Day. The morning will revolve around the book, and the afternoon will revolve around the movie. While we watch the movie, kids will create candy trains on a winter scene. I will be sending home shopping lists this week of supplies kids will need in order to do this. There are some items that are mandatory, and some that are optional. Many can be shared with a friend or two, and I will give them time to plan that out. That way you know exactly what needs to be bought before that day. I will also show pictures on the blog after I show the class my set. This is always a fun "last day" before break.

Kids do have to buy the Polar Express coupon with their fake class money to do some of the fun activities. I think all but two kiddos have done so. I won't give them a shopping list until they do, as they might not need it. Those that can't buy in will still do all the learning activities and will be able to watch the movie, but won't be able to have the hot chocolate, wear their pjs, or make the candy trains at school. Please encourage your kiddo to buy in. Kids have thousands of dollars in my class. If they are broke, then that is a discussion the two of you need to have. There really isn't any reason to not have money, unless they are talking in class, not having their work done or returning forms to school on time, or don't have their planner signed each day. Kids are paid daily for planners and weekly for classroom jobs, bringing back Friday folders signed, and not using their restroom pass while I am teaching. The blog bonuses are just that, a bonus. They don't need those to be able to do everything I offer at rewards. Some kids also might be spending too much money at the coupon store. I always recommend that they keep at least 500 dollars in their wallets just in case. All life long lessons. Ask your kiddo if they have already bought their Polar Express coupon. If not, please ask them why.

Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Grewell

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Rough Day in the 5th Grade!

Hello there.

Wow, kind of a rough day in room 22 today. Lots and lots of whining and complaining. When asked how they were feeling today, I got answers like I am tired. Why? I stayed up playing video games or I got up early to play video games. Well, I am here to tell you that it is affecting your kiddo's school work. I do know that we have quite a few with colds, and I told them how much I love them for coming to school and not staying home for a cough. Fevers and puking...please stay home.

So, at the end of the day we all wrote a Tootle (a compliment to someone) to Mrs. Grewell together. On the back I have asked three things, and I am begging you for your support on this at home.

1. Bedtime no later than 9:00 for a 5th grader (this means lights out, not starting to settle in).
2. Screens...limit of one hour a day.
3. Books in hands when go to wind down in bed, rather than a screen.

I am certainly not telling you how to parent, but I am telling you what your kids are saying and that it is affecting their learning here at school. They were like zombies today.

Parents need to sign those Tootles and send them back tomorrow. Thanks! 

Reading was also rough today as some kids have gotten into the bad habit of waiting to do their work because they know we will go over it and then they write in the answers. So, today I just waited and waited for them to find the answers themselves. I had to bite my tongue so many times because I wanted to have a class discussion on the content, but they weren't ready. I am glad to say that most of them changed their mindset and found the answers. I had to be kind of tough, but they did it and I was so proud of them for persevering.

We did our presentations of our flags today. They rocked them (some had to be prompted to speak louder). But, they did project their voices. I have videos of them all, but need to find a way to put them on the blog as it doesn't let me just post them. I will work on that this weekend. Awesome job though!

We have a PEAK game next Tuesday at Eagle Cliffs in the heights at 3:30.

Congratulations to Sarah, Jesiah, and Alyssia for getting perfect attendance awards today at our all house meeting for Trimester One! Way to go guys. Nina brought in some big points for Forte House as she was the school's top seller of chocolates...over $600!!! Way to go Nina. Chocolates will go home on Monday.

We also added another Ninja today! Congratulations Kylan for finally mastering those 12s! Way to go buddy! 

Have a great night! Tomorrow is a new day!
Mrs. Grewell
Code Word: NEW DAY!
Hi. Totally forgot to blog yesterday after staff meeting. Oops. I love that you guys all message me and worry about me. Love it!!! Will catch up with you tonight! Mrs. Grewell

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

What? Did You Say You Wanted a Sandwich?


Great PEAK game tonight. Awesome sportsmanship all around!

We are one step closer to being ready for our flag presentations on Thursday. Today, we got out the big ones! Kids are learning how to stay off to the side and face the audience rather than look at the flag when talking. We are also working very hard to project our voices. Ask your kiddo about "having a sandwich." When I can't hear a kiddo in class, we practice by going around the room saying "I ate a sandwich for lunch today." If they can tell you, write SANDWICH in the planner for bonus cash tomorrow. We have had to do it quite a few times this week. It might sound like yelling in their head, but it is actually just the right volume to those on the other side of the room. All of these are 5th grade standards for the presentation grade on the report card.

Speaking of report cards. Mr. Malchuski (the gym teacher) noticed an error in his grade book. So, if it said your child had a 0, that is incorrect and it is being fixed. No one is failing gym in my class. He apologizes for the confusion.

We have music concerts coming up. The general music holiday program is on the 11th at 9:15. Band and orchestra is on the 14th at 10:30. Both band and orchestra teachers are asking that kids put in more effort to practice at home. They should be playing songs over and over again nightly. Sadly, they are both able to tell that this is not happening with all students at home. They also ask that every kiddo has their stand, book, and instrument at school every Tuesday and Friday. Thanks!

I leave you with a picture of the Rocky Boy reservation group. They got to meet with their guest speaker today. Blackfeet will meet with theirs tomorrow morning. I love that they have all had an opportunity to talk to someone first hand. Nice!

Have a wonderful night!
Mrs. Grewell

Monday, December 3, 2018

Melted Globs and Blobs of Snow!


What a busy Monday! My old teaching partner from when I taught at Bitterroot in the heights was Mr. Slavish's sub today so we got together and did a fun project that we used to do all the time together. Kids had to write a limerick poem about a snowman that unfortunately didn't make the smartest of choices and melted in the end. Then, they made that snowman out of shaving cream and glue. What a fluffy mess! :0) So fun!

Here were a few of my favorite ones...

There was a snowman named Crude
He was curious about food.
He ate ghost pepper pizza
It was hotter than Giza.
He melted before he became a dude.
By, Cash

There once was a snowman called Fall
He always played with a ball
One day, he went for a run
To have some fun in the sun
And now he is not so tall.
By, Delis

There once was a snowman named Bob
He was slowly becoming a blob
But someone came and picked him up
And put him in a hot cup
Then as he melted away, he started to sob.
By, Sarah

There once was a snowman named Bob
And he tried to eat warm corn on the cob
After that, he melted down
And didn't make a sound
Until he started to sob.
By, Kylan

There once was a snowman named Bend
He was growing a garden which he'd always wanted to tend
He needed the sun to grow potatoes
He also needed to grow tomatoes
But when the sun came, Bend's time came to an end.
By, Audrianna

There once was a snowman named Bob
He sat on a log
A fire-ant set him on fire
And then he tripped over a wire
And now Bob is a blob.
By, Heaven

There once was a snowman named Matt
He wasn't very fat
He was very cool
Until the sun made him a pool
Now Matt is flat.
By, Matteo

There was a snowman named Gary
He's always happy every day
It's almost summer
He said it's a bummer
Then, he melted all the way.
By, Vince

There once was a snowman named Joey
I must say he was quite snowy
Out came the sun
He started to run
Then, he got all flowey.
By, Halle

They were all great!

Three more groups got to meet with a Native American from their Reservation Flag group. The N. Cheyenne met with Mr. Runsabove. Wow, wow, wow! I got to sit in on this one, and I was fascinated with the story behind the symbol on their flag!

Fort Belknap and Flathead also got to meet with Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Longmier. That was during the snowman madness, so I didn't get over there to take a picture. Drats! I can't wait to hear all that they learned when they present this Thursday!

I am still organizing a Rocky Boy one and Blackfeet will meet with their volunteer on Wednesday. This community is so awesome and so willing to share their cultures and stories with these kids!

PEAK is until 4:30 tomorrow and kids need to wear their PEAK shirts.

Have a wonderful night!
Mrs. Grewell